About us


The story behind Svero

For a number of years, Svero Co-Founder, Marten was overwhelmed and couldn’t deal with his emotions.  After trying just to “accept this and live with it”, the Engineer in him increasingly felt the need to try and “solve” this state as there was not a readily accessible solution. 

In 2018, Marten thereby commenced the process of investigating the principles of science, technology, psychology to explore possible options to assist in understanding and regulating his emotions and face this challenge. After many months of research, discussions with Psychologists and health experts, Marten began to further explore a range of digital emotional development tools that have been clinically proven to shape the emotional response of the automatic nervous system, and help him to better understand his emotions.

But one problem still remained; how to implement these techniques into our daily lives? This was the moment when the idea of the Svero ring was born. Since this time, Marten and his team have invented and designed a complex but user friendly technical solution to improve resilience.

Svero as your daily companion

The Team

behind Svero

Marten Strotkötter

Our visionary. Started this project to create something that helps him with his emotions and trying to make the world better with it.

Michelle Roesler PhD

Our psychologist. PhD in Organizational and Health Psychology. Extensive experience in data driven psychological assessments.

Adriano Paternostro

Our business innovation expert (HSG). Crunching the numbers, passionate about sales, and responsible for Svero’s marketing.

Selina Stüssi

Our mental health spokesperson (UZH). Connecting Svero to the mental health community, partners and stakeholders.

Samuel Picek

Our machine learning and data engineer (ETH). Building a cutting-edge technology. Extensive experience in AI and deep learning.

Lukas Hilfiker

Our designer. The creative head of the team and responsible for the identity of Svero.