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The Story

behind Svero

In beginning of 2019 one of the co-founders, Marten, realized that he had a problem: always in a state of high arousal, fiddling around with something and biting on the nails. He wondered where this state comes from and why other people seem to be relaxed and calm in the same situations when he was stressed.

Month of studying research and talking to others brought him to slow-paced breathing techniques that are clinically proven to calm the autonomic nervous system.

But how to learn these techniques in daily life easily and fast? This was when the idea of the Svero Ring was born.

Svero as your daily companion

The Team

behind Svero

Adriano Paternostro

Our Business Innovation Expert. Crunching the numbers and responsible for the strategy.

Selina Stüssi

Our mental health spokesperson. Connecting Svero to the mental health community.

Michelle Roesler PhD

Our Psychologist. Extensive knowledge in the field of psychology and expertise in data science.

Lukas Hilfiker

Our Designer. The creative head of the team and responsible for the identity of Svero.

Marten Strotkötter

Our Engineer. Responsible for the realization of the ring and the emotional side of Svero.

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