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Paced breathing with your Svero smart ring

Slow-paced breathing is the fastest, easiest and a sustainable way to train your emotional response. This is because when you breathe deeply and slower, your brain sends a message to your autonomic nervous system to stop releasing stress hormones. In this way your whole body and mind is being influenced. The advantage of the Svero smart ring is that you can engage the training of this emotional response technique wherever, whenever due to the discreet design of the button and the vibration motor. Furthermore, the ring uses your heart rate signal to evaluate your breathing and optimizes the interaction. This lowers the hurdles to implement paced breathing as core emotional response technique. However, to develop even further, our digital coach will guide you, see to your right.

Svero’s digital coach on your smartphone

The importance of slow-paced breathing is undeniable, but to become aware of and understand your emotions on a cognitive level as well as develop different kind of emotional response techniques that fits your needs and the situations you go through, Svero’s digital coach will guide you further. Through a chat-based interface, our digital coach will conduct assessments to identify your needs and will offer you the right emotional response techniques. Also, our coach will guide you through the whole development process to your overall goal – to improve your resilience.  Over time our coach will adopt further and further to you, becoming a personalized emotional guide. Then you will be the master of your emotions.

Train your autonomic nervous system

Your autonomic nervous system, together with the hypothalamus, regulates your response to emotional cues. It is the one thing you can’t consciously influence with your will power. But what if there is a oblique way to train and condition it anyway to become the version of you that understands and deals with emotions sustainably?

Slow-paced breathing, and other cognitive-behavioral techniques as well as your cognitive awareness can do that. The goal by training such techniques is that you condition your mind and your whole body to react calmer and steadfast in emotional challenging situtations in your daily life and therefore improves your resilience.

With Svero you have the possibility to train it throughout the day anywhere at any time, discreet and effectful. It is the most powerful emotional development and support technology available on the market.

Our product is based on research by the following institutions

These 3 easy steps build the core of Svero

Download the app, customize Svero, and wear the ring

 The first time you use the ring you can customize the interaction and set your personal goals. Afterwards you can put the ring on in the morning without worrying about anything. From now on it will be your daily companion.

Press the button to learn breathing techniques or get further support from our digital coach

You can choose: plan your interaction with the ring and our digital coach or approach the ring over the day whenever you feel in need of emotional guidance. In this case, press the button shortly and follow the vibrations with your breath. Or press the button longer and our digital coach will be activated. In any case, behind the scenes is the ring monitoring your emotional state for step 3.

Track your progress and gain powerful insights

As you use the ring and the app over a few weeks, your response to emotional challenges will shift and our algorithms will check if you achieved your goals, shows you your progress and starts to give you personalized recommendations.

Our two levels of development

Breathing with Svero’s smart ring

Reach your short-term goal with a short button press

Train your emotional response on a day-to-day basis with a short button press on the ring to train breathing techniques guided discreetly by a vibration signal with your smart ring. This way you change your direct response to emotional challenges and have a fast and powerful technique available at your fingertips throughout the day, for presentations, meetings or other situations.

Cognitive-emotional development with Svero’s smart digital coach

Reach your long-term goal with a long button press

Train your emotional knowledge and understanding but also get further support from Svero’s digital coach with a long button press on the ring. Our smart coach will assess your state and will offer you the right technique to develop further. This way you will achieve long-term and sustainable change, which improves your resilience and unleashes your best potential.

Train breathing with the Svero smart ring

Research shows that just 15 minutes of slow-paced breathing per day has a long term benefit on ones health and well-being. What also research found is that this duration doesn’t have to be conducted in once.

Due to this findings, Svero is guiding you through at least 5 sessions of slow-paced breathing with each 3 minutes every day. If you achieve that and your vital signs are showing an actual improvement in your emotional state then you achieved your daily goal.

To monitor this progress the Svero app will show you these results and allows you to understand how you can improve your breathing and how you can achieve your long-term goal to implement this technique as an autonomous response.

Guidance with Svero’s digital coach

Svero’s digital coach will become AI-based and emotionally intelligent aimed at building resilience and promoting mental well-being using a text-based conversational interface.

Our coach assists you to develop positive self-expression to create an external and responsive self-reflection environment. The digital coach uses in its conversation evidence-based self-help practices such as CBT, dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, positive behavior support, behavioral reinforcement, mindfulness, and guided microactions and tools to encourage you to build emotional resilience skills.

The conversation-based tools and techniques encourage you to manage, depending on your needs, your anxiety, energy, focus, sleep, relaxation, loss, worries, conflicts, and other situations.

Our Svero Ring is designed for you

We are enabling your emotional wellbeing as well as growth through an always available and discreetly accessible support and development technology. Our solution becomes over time a personalised experience for every user to be highly effective and engaging.

Svero is designed to support and develop your emotional skills – a unique experience just for you.

You’ll integrate new, sustainable emotional-response mechanisms in your daily life, wherever you are, using cutting-edge technology that’s more effective and efficient than ever before.

Our approach is based on strong research to ensure you achieve positive and tangible results.

Svero’s goal is it to make this research available to you through our cutting-edge approach.

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