Master your emotions and reach calmness

The smart ring that lets you master your emotions through learning breathing techniques and getting emotional support from our digital coach. Discreet and available in any situation of your daily life. Based on years of research. Developed with psychologists.

The goal of Svero

Presence of mind

Our modern lifestyle is fast-paced and economically driven with emotional challenges each day. Also, we never learned to deal with such challenges in school or college. With Svero you can do exactly this: Learn to understand and deal with your emotions and find your presence of mind.


There is a spot in you where your true self sits. It is the one you often bury beneath other people’s needs. Understanding emotions and dealing with them sustainably helps you to find your way back to this spot where your self-possession lies.


Emotional resilience refers to one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. More resilient people are able to “roll with the punches” and adapt to adversity without lasting difficulties. Train the necessary emotional skills for that with Svero.

Unleash your best potential

Svero’s smart ring and app are the easiest accessible and powerful solutions to:

  • calm your mind and find your presence of mind
  • strengthen your wellbeing as well as your relationsships
  • improve your resilience in our modern fast paced world

Science behind Svero Ring

Improving your emotional state starts with understanding the relationship between your bodily signals as your respiratory patterns, your behavior and your level of arousal. Svero – the smart ring and app – supports you to establish easily and sustainable emotion-response mechanisms in your daily life to improve your resilience. This is achieved through two inconspicuous interfaces –  a hidden button and vibrations – in the ring to learn slow-paced breathing techniques as well as through cognitive-emotional development techniques accessible through the Svero app and Svero's integrated digital coach. All of our embedded techniques are clinically proven to assist in mastering emotions.

Svero as your daily companion to master your emotions

The Svero app

In addition to our Svero smart ring, we also offer access to Svero's digital coach.  Just like the ring does physically, our digital coach will always be there to assist you to develop your emotional skills further.

The app also enables you to:

  • Customize the interaction
  • Set your personal goals
  • Monitor your progress

Svero will be validated by these research institutions

3 easy steps to improve your resilience

Download the app, customize Svero and wear the ring

Press the button to learn breathing techniques or get further support from Svero's digital coach.

Track your progress and gain powerful insights


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